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It’s been happening a lot lately, but this last disappearance is different, at least to me. Chris Piriah is my friend. He was a ski instructor and in excellent physical condition. He knows his way around mountain ranges. This doesn’t sound right. I need to head on over to Yeti Lodge Resort and find out what has happened to him.

Yeti Mountain is a multi-genre interactive adventure game developed by a talented team headed by Russell Mills. Spread out across three distinct episodes as you set out to Yeti Lodge Resort to investigate the suspicious disappearance of your best friend Chris.

The first episode is a quest based RPG-style exploration game where you interact with characters, participate in ski events and explore the Resort surroundings in order to uncover clues.

The second episode provides multi-scrolling platform action as you gain entrance to the Yeti’s lair and explore its diverse environments filled with traps and subterranean fauna.

The final episode sees you take to the slopes again as you ski your way down to the bottom of Yeti Mountain - stopping along the way to partake in some casual puzzle solving as you try to restore power back to emergency warning stations.


  • Multi-genre gaming styles - quest based exploration, skiing mini games, multi-scrolling action platforming, puzzle based platform and more!
  • Intricate supernatural story narrative 
  • Non-linear game play 
  • Three different game world settings 
  • Sophisticated ski engine with multi-directional scrolling, two degrees of turning left or right and randomised course layouts 
  • Multiple endings based on choices you make during the game NPC characters and interaction littered with pop culture references from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s
  • Optional side quests High quality cinematic cut scenes 
  • Atmospheric SID music soundtrack (21 carefully crafted sound pieces!) 
  • In game saves 
  • PAL and NTSC compatible
PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Platformer, Role Playing
Tags2D, Commodore 64, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, skiing


Buy Now$8.99 USD or more

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Very nice and varied adventure with many innovative elements, which reminded me of Zelda at first glance. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:41:21. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


I don't know if this is the best ending, but here's a longplay from me. Fantastic game, and the platformer has deeply impressed me.


Great job and playing through the entire game and producing the long play video. You even completed the side quest to restore the forest!

You did get one of the 'bad' endings as you did not get to the village in time to save all the people (the avalanche marker reached the red zone). Make sure to jump into the wind gusts towards the end as this will push you two spots forward from the avalanche. 

Thank you for showing Yeti Mountain properly.

Very good game, thank you. I also added that to my New Games On C64 from January 2024 -video too.

At the beginning of my very first game, since the guide told me I needed boots to walk on uncleared paths, a lightbulb sparked in my head and I did exactly the opposite: I ventured off the path without boots onto the snow, only to find out I could not get back to the path, I could only walk on the snow! Had to reset... I kept a snapshot of the bugged game if you need it

Nice find, you probably found a bit of the map that is missing the character block to stop you from going off path. Do you know roughly where you went off path.

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so that would also mean if I find the right character block I can actually get back on the path. Anyways if you want to find it in the map editor I think it won’t take long, I managed to leave the path on the left, at some point between the very start of the path and the near cabins

Does anyone know if the cloaked,clawing,red eyed enemy is meh teh?

If you are referring to the beast that pops out near the start of stage 2 then the answer is no. The Meh Teh reveals itself at the bottom of stage 2.

Sorry, I now know what you are talking about. No, it isn’t Meh-Teh but rather it is a trap that specifically designed to make you lose all your health :)

By the way, no need to bother Trev with Yeti issues since he has nothing to do with the project. Feel free to report bugs or asks questions via email: retrogamernation@gmail.com

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Fun game - lots of variety. It's challenging but there are plenty of places to save your progress along the way. On the final stage, I put my skis on too close to the door and got trapped on the roof!

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I am no fan of timers so I will skip on this one... https://ibb.co/ZH1bjZh

The game gives you more time than you actually need. Dying eats away at the clock so it's a clever mechanic that lets you choose to either play fast and loose, or slow and careful. 


So great to see someone understand the timer mechanic. I was quite surprised about the small negativity around the countdown timer as it is actually based around the one used for Impossible Mission and is designed to have people playing the game for a longer period of time rather than a quick loss of lives. You are absolutely correct in saying that you have way more time than you actually need.

Hello, I really like this game but I have a problem, although there is an emulator, I would like to be able to play it on my commodore 64, unfortunately I do not have a kung fu flash. Is there a way to make a version on d64 or sd2iec so that I can play it on My machine?  Thank you very much, I'll just leave it as a suggestion.

Hi there, unfortunately there is no way to convert Yeti Mountain to run as a disk based image. The game relies on lots of fast loading and would not be playable in a multi-disk format.

Hello, ok, thank you very much for the response, as I have seen other very fast games that with sd2iec do everything like Sam Journey, I thought it could be possible, as I said, it was just a suggestion, thank you very much.

Please see https://csdb.dk/release/index.php?id=238983

There seems to be a save to disk issue in the new version (1.0.5). I didn't have an issue using the previous version.

Fun game 😊!

Hi, thank you for highlighting the issue, I'll have a look. Could you provide anymore details? What point were you at in the game when you saved? Also what system were you using (e.g. Ultimate64, Ultimate II or Vice emulation)?

Hi, it was first time I saved, when I get to the sky lodge. Saving to a d64 image on a U2+L fw 3.11. the screen just goes black and doesn't come back.

Like I said, it worked fine with my setup with the previous version.

It seems to be saving OK now. I think I had more than one disk drives connected

I have problem purchasing the game with Visa card, I'v did it earlier with same card. Anyone else had this problem?

Hi, I save to cart but next time I play it does not load my progress. I have to start a new game every time. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers.

Hi there, let's see if we can trouble shoot this for you. Send me an email  (retrogamernation@gmail.com) with your set up details or feel free to DM me via one of the socials if you want.

I have loaded the correct file now and it saves to cart with no issues. My oversight, sorry to bother you.

Cheers for responding quickly.

I am excited about this game and I purchased it today but I was expecting a .d64 file that I could write to a floppy using my ZOOMFLOPPY so I could play it on my C128. The .CRT file can be loaded in VICE but I don't seem to have a way of writing the file to a floppy so I can play it on my physical hardware. Is it possible to get a .D64 file or can you tell me how to convert the .CRT file to a .D64 so I can load it? I am really excited about the game and want to run it on my C128 and CRT!

Hi thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, the game is not designed to run off a floppy file. The game takes about 500Kb in size and is designed to quickly load content as you are playing. For the time being (until physical version comes out) the only way to play it on real hardware is to use a modern day cart storage device like Kung Fu Flash or Ultimate II+.

Hi, I played up to episode 2 yesterday and find the game quite charming so far. The idea as well as the graphics and music. However, when I wanted to continue today, I noticed that there is no savegame. Is it not possible to save on an Ultimate64? I have now tried both options ("Cart" and "Disk"). The game claims to have saved. But there is nothing there. Am I doing something wrong? Unfortunately I don't have anything like a Kung Fu Flash. I also noticed that I have a full 60 minutes after a game over and still have all the items, so I don't have to start from the beginning. Let's not misunderstand each other: I think it's a good thing, precisely because some people criticize the time limit - and in my opinion it doesn't really have a negative impact with the solution I mentioned. But here I wonder whether this is really the intention or just the result of the fact that the save function doesn't work with an Ultimate64. A brief explanation of the whole thing would be great. I would like to continue playing ... but first I want to know how I can save. Thank you! :-)

You have to save the CRT back to the usb stick. Press short the power button to enter the U64 browser then press F5, go to "C64 Machine" and choose "Save Cartridge", enter a name and your done. 


Thank youuuu! :-)

Thank you so much for replying back to Harald with a solution to his issue. Cheers

Thank you so much for trying out Yeti Mountain and I hope you continue to enjoy the game. I see that a member of community has already responded to your issue. The team is currently working on another build of the game that will add unlockable restart points in order to help with situations where a player saves a game with only a small amount of time left. Good luck with the lava zone in episode 2 ;)

Quality stuff! WOW


Cool game :) I have a problem with the timer in the caves. I saved the game with 4 second left and when I load the save game it always restarts with 4 seconds left ^_^; I can't play it anymore

ah no, saving with 4 seconds left is not a good idea as you’ve found out. Great to hear you got to the second episode, I hope you would have the time to play again and save at better intervals.


Upon further consideration of your save scenario, we will be looking to include some additional restart options that are unlocked as you reach various save points within the game. It might take a couple of weeks but hopefully we will have a good solution in place for this.

This game looks so incredibly charming...

Just got it - I can't wait to try it out :)

I am looking forward to this game!

Very good game 🙃




Thanks for your purchase, it is greatly appreciated. I am glad you were able to get to the first ski game and you even found the watch! 

So what do I need in order to play this on an actual C64?


For now (until the physical cartridge is released later in 2024), you would need a storage cart device such as the Kung Fu Flash (most affordable and readily available). Other options are the Ultimate II+ cart or to 'burn' the cart image to an EasyFlash cart.

Thanks for the reply and your awesome channel!


This looks brilliant! I know what I'm doing this weekend :D Congratulations and thanks to the team who built this

Excellent thank you! ;-)

A little pricey, but I'll take it. :)

This looks AWESOME!

How long is the game? Any Hot Dog The Movie references? Any plans to release a physical version?


Unfortunately, no references to Hot Dog as much as it was in the back of our minds when putting the game together. The best quotes from the movie would not have been suitable ;)
 The game will typically take around 2 hours to complete once you know what has to be done and you have mastered the ski games.
 Physical cartridge release is the plan later on this year. Protovision just needs to sort out the sourcing of packaging from a new supplier first.


Will the physical version be on Kickstarter? Will there be any discount for those who already purchased the game here? Any additional content expected for the physical version?

I.e. I wonder if I should buy now, or wait... At least buying now might help you guys with the algorithm and stuff?

physical cart will be available directly from Protovision. The game will be the same as the digital version but some goodies may be added to the box, like a poster for example. No discount for buying digital beforehand as this is aimed at physical collectors