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Awesome game and one of the most complex and polled shooters for the C64 ever. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:51:54. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Which CRT types do you offer for download? I see GS64, Ocean, and EF in the comments.

Oh, somehow this slipped through! It is GS64, Ocean, EF and GMod2.

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the asking price is a joke.

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Athiest! Nice! Can't stand when folks let invisible leaders destroy our culture, freedom, and individuality.

I finally got the game and it is pretty great :) I was wondering if there is any way the keys to control the ship can be changed 


Sarah Jane Avory is the master of shumps. this game is now one of my favorites


How do I get this running on a SD2iec? Bought it but can't get it running ! :(

its a crt its not compatible with the sd2iec, if you want to try this on your real machine check out the Kung Fu Flash  cart its about the same price as a sd2iec

This wonderful game is the perfect synthesis of everything that is best in the horizontal Shoot Them Up. Graphics and musics are excellent. Great job !

Hello — does this come with the PDF manual, or should I get the Protovision version?

All our games come with a PDF manual, no matter if you buy them as physical or digital editions.

Ok thanks! Got it already in fact (and it's awesome :-)

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Nice sure I appreciate this comment, the dev has just put the price up and here is someone who works for her publisher saying how 'worth the price' it was...bit fishy really.

Why has the dev suddenly decided that this game is worth significantly more than they first thought it was worth? It's totally up to them how much they charge, even if they change the price retrospectively...but I probably wouldn't have bought it like I did at the earlier price.

Similarly why is the previously free Neutron suddenly a paid game? 

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Bought this direct from the Protovision webstore.  Running on a real C64C (longboard with 6581 SID, etc), using EasyFlash 3.  I'm enjoying it quite a bit, but also having trouble with it freezing, usually during some sort of transition, level changes, etc.  Once it freezes, if I do a soft reset it will freeze again in nearly the same place.  If I power cycle it, it will usually play past the part it froze previously, but freeze sometime later.  Really enjoy the game (at Stage 9) and hope I can figure out the annoying freezes.

Please re-download. The freezing issue has been resolved in an update.

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Using the GS CRT version, it's perfect on real C64 (using U2+ and Kung Fu Flash cartridges) and of FPGAs (Mister, Sidi, Mist & Mistica), while on BMC64 (Bare Metal C64, Vice on Raspberry PI 3B+ without Linux underhood) and on TheC64, game works but each few seconds i can see like a like freeze, it's quite tedious.. maybe need a bugfix on these 2 systems? On both Vice emulator is not Cycle Exact

Please re-download. The freezing issue has been resolved in an update.

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The save function is not working for me, it gives me an error when I try to save. I'm using an Ultimate II+ and the easyflash file as suggested in the readme txt. 

Please re-download. The new EasyFlash version circumvents this issue.

Looks like a greate game!

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Love this game its a masterpiece and i think it could be the biggest side scrolling shoot em up on the C64 with 20 different stages with  super smooth scrolling and enemies galore, Awesome Bosses, lots of weapons and great music, highly recommended...Buy this game its the best..Amazing work Sarah (Protovision) Both thumbs UP :)


CCS64 V3.9.2 Emulator

GS64 game File 

Go to OPTIONS and click INPUT
Calibrate Joysticks press D-PAD on joypad
Calibrate JoyAdapter press D-PAD on joypad
Press ESC

Thank You for those quickstart instructions. I will now buy your game.

I don't have a physical C64 anymore and play all my games through emulation. I was able to get Metal Dust working in VICE so I think I'm reasonably competent. Comments below seem to be mostly about FlashCarts on OG C64 or reproductions like the Maxi -- what about VICE running on a Windows PC? Would it run Soul Force?

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CCS64 V3.9.2 Emulator

Soul Force GS64 game File  (Security Certificate)

Go to OPTIONS and click INPUT 

Calibrate Joysticks press D-PAD on joypad Press ESC

Calibrate JoyAdapter press FIRE BUTTONS on joypad Press ESC

Click Video in OPTIONS to adjust your preferred screen size 

Press F10 When you want to quit CCS64

Works great, Have Fun :)

GS64 version works perfectly on my SiDi fpga and also works on my raspberry pi 4 with Lakka 2.3.2 (vice emulator). Great game!

I AM looking forward to play this on my c64 when I get back Home! Looks like a very nice addition to the C64 game library.

On my Ultimate II+ the Ocean version works Flawlessly. The EasyFlash 3 version however hangs when I exit the Options Menu, and starts working again after I get in and out the UII+ menu.

Hope I'm not doing anything wrong, but the Ocean version is flawless :)

You need to report this to Gideon. His latest version of the firmware on both U1541 and U64 seems to have broken the eAPI support for EasyFlash. Exiting the options screen is trying to save back to the cartridge: The following eAPI calls are used:


        jsr EAPISETPTR


I will :)
So far, I'll greatly enjoy the Ocean version

Please re-download. We found a way to solve this in the EF version.


Working perfectly on The C64 Maxi Sarah! I plan do deep dive this game and post a review of it later. MUST stream this one! Thank you so much for all your tireless work you put into this title, and all our best wishes to you and your family into 2021.

Just bought, and it doesnt work on my Kung Fu Flash, crashes almost immediately. When can I expect the updated version?

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We have now supplied more cartridge formats. EasyFlash should work fine on KFF.


Crt Image does not work on TheC64Maxi/Mini and also does not work with Kung Fu Flash, I think you need to add this information as a lot of people will be using one of these and will be very disappointed, Converting Cart image to another format does not work either.

Done some Hacking to my bought and paid for SoulForce and Outrage crt images, I can now load both Games on the Kung Fu Flash and TheC64Maxi, Cart Image is now Magic Desk Format and works as it should.

Only the disk version of Outrage run on TheC64.

Can you provide more details of your Hack??

Hey cool, thanks for highlighting that Magic Desk is also a good format for different uses! For Soul Force we probably have enough options now but in the future we might go Magic Desk as well.


question: will this work on TheC64?

I think not, because TheC64 is VICE 2.4 based, and on a PC I tested that this version doesn't run the game properly at boot.

I tried to convert BIN in OCEAN format with CartConv.exe from Vice 3.1 binaries but no success.

So, actually You can play this excellent game only on VICE 3.1 or Real C64 hardware. I played it on my C64C + Ultimate II cartridge.


just seen Sarah-Jane Avory say she has fixed it to work on TheC64, just waiting on Protprotovision to offer the updated crt.

Ok, many thanks.

All download files are updated.

It now does. Take the GS version.


loving it, the lass just knows how to make a shooter.



Great game, small gameplay :)


So, the .crt file seems to hard crash my MiSTer. Which, I suspect is an issue to raise with the core maintainer rather than you, but more of an FYI.  Also, thank you so much for this release and for your work in keeping these lovely old machines alive.

Odd that MiST has similar issues as THE64 has. Well, you can now use a different cartridge format, GS and EF should probably work.

Can confirm EasyFlash works fine on my MiSTer.  Thank you so much!