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MW ULTRA is Game of the Year 2020 with Indie Retro News!

MW ULTRA is a gem of a game and features action, adventure and other game elements in a skilled blend of technical perfection. It received a score rating of 97% from Retro Gamer Nation (Sam's Journey scored 98%).

In a future world, where the sun no longer shines, Ian wastes his time growing out his hair, playing guitar and drinking beer. But his world comes crashing down after watching his best friend fall to his death while out together on a burglary job. Little does Ian realise that this event is about to trigger something lying dormant within him as his lethal past starts to come alive.

Take control of Ian in this epic interactive action adventure game as he unravels a conspiracy taking place around him and inside his mind. Ian will have to use his wits and his skills to survive against street gangs, highly trained soldiers, wild animals, robot drones and much more as you navigate your way though many different environments in order to uncover the truth to who he really is.

MW ULTRA is a reboot of the original Metal Warrior game released in 1999. The game retells the original story in an expanded setting with new features:

  • Completely overhaulted game engine
  • Immersive story telling
  • Cut-scenes
  • Fast paced combat action
  • Wide range of firearms and grenades and other objects (e.g. a grapple)
  • Outstanding boss battles
  • Character interaction
  • Skill enhancements
  • Smooth graphics and animation
  • Adaptive soundtrack
  • Save game feature
  • Difficulty settings
  • PAL and NTSC compatibility
  • Compatible to practically any drive type
  • REU and SuperCPU support (to speed up scrolling)
  • Multibutton support

Contents of the digital release:

  • Manual as PDF
  • MW ULTRA CRT (recommended for emulators or 1541 Ultimate)
  • MW ULTRA GMod2
  • MW ULTRA 1541
  • MW ULTRA 1581 (recommended for sd2iec)

Physical editions of MW ULTRA are available from Protovision (Cartridge) and Psytronik (Disk).

This game is compatible to THE64 Mini & Maxi.


Buy Now$10.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MW ULTRA (Windows executable) 28 MB
MW ULTRA (C64 files only) 2 MB


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Hi, does this digital version include the city map? Thanks in advance.

Yes there is the City Map on PDF, but like Hessian or Steel Ranger it is missing on the map all the level outside and underground the city.

Thanks for the answer!

I really like this one. Very atmospheric and well executed!

Bought yesterday and play for an hour or so, great gameplay and story like a spy story movie, with remind to classic movie like 1997 Escape from new york or the The warriors (in italy the title was "I Guerrieri della notte). 

Also Great music as always Lasse Oorni, best of the best heard in C64 with Steel Ranger and Hessian.

Thanks and hope to see in the future other new project maybe different in style from these 3 i mentioned. 10/10 for me. 

One of the best games ever in c64, thank you!

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Do you think you guys could start including a nice jpg of the box art with the digital purchase? I don't see why we shouldn't get it and I like to display my new games in launchbox and I have to go trawling for images and like Wormhole before it...there's none.

C'mon guys make it happen...not just you all the devs that still work on the c64 and publish your stuff on here...us digital customers deserve some artwork!

The background of this very page is made with the boxcover art ;)

Haha yeah I noticed...my photoshop skillz are poor though...:)

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You can just download it, i'ts easy if you know how.

For example if you use firefox: press right mouse button on this page and choose "view background image" and then drag  and drop in desired folder. Hope this helps. Cheers,

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Oh right...cool.

I'm too much of a Boomer to know that I think. :)

Thanks for letting me know.

Edit...got it...good tip man.

no problem ;)

I'm really impressed!!! Only one question:
How big is MW ULTRA compared to Hessian (around 700 screen)?

It is slightly over 800 screens, and should be a longer experience than Hessian, though the exact length depends on the playing style.

Over 800!?!?! Ok, I bought it... This gonna be the best C64 game to date...

Thanks a lot!

I'm really tempted! :) This looks fantastic, and I am delighted that there's some storytelling in this game! And most importantly, a save game feature. I'd be playing on a TheC64, so I hope that all works well on it, too. It's basically a stock C64 emulation with somewhat spotty floppy drive support sometimes. Now this game supports more than one firebutton, and Joysticks on TheC64 typically aren't ready for this, so I'm wondering how it'll work then.

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This game utilizes the same basic controls as Steel Ranger and is possible to play using a 1-button joystick without touching the keys - doubleclick fire to access the inventory / weapon selection. The possibility for extra buttons is a convenience - e.g. using an extra button to jump instead of the Up direction.

Amazing game!


I also like retro style games. This looks very good. I dont know why, but some screenshots reminds me about Terminator 2. 


Could you please include a CMJ file for C64Mini users so that they don't have to use the on-screen keyboard

I made one for one game and keep copy and pasting it and renaming it for each game I add. Once you got one set up you can keep reusing it, just rename it.

That's fine if the keyboard mapping is the same for every game to the joystick. For instance, you can map commonly used keys to the 2nd fire button and other buttons on TheC64 joystick, especially important as the Mini doesn't have a working keyboard as standard.

Usually button 2 is the space bar, so I stick with that. I also sometimes map the up direction as button 2 so I have a jump button. Did that for Steel Ranger

I am going to test with TheC64 and enable its REU mode using a hack that I have. I will report back to you.

It works on TheC64 with the REU hack - at least it recognises that the REU is present in the game, so I assume everything else is good. I can provide the file for you guys if you want it?


How come the store page lists Linux support but under what files you get it says "Windows Executible" ?

There's a separate startup script for Linux, which invokes Wine (needs to have been installed) to run the emulator.

Thanks for the response. So it's not a Linux version. I don't think having the Linux icon on the page is a good idea then. A Windows version running through Wine is not the same thing as a Linux version.