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do you have to buy that jiffy image in otder to play this game?

Yes, you'll need a 1581 JiffyDos image.

Can this run the turbo chameleons 

No, Turbo Chameleon has no SuperCPU core. To date, only a real SuperCPU or VICE can run Metal Dust.

Can this be ran from a C64 Mini?

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Hi there,

nope. The C64 Mini is not capable of emulating a SuperCPU. It can be played with Windows or WINE and Vice 3.1+ (Emulator is included).

Thx for the reply, Hopefully they add SuperCPU support in a firmware update! Bought it anyways, game is hard as balls! And amazing, nice work!

Unfortunately TheC64 Mini probably isn't a powerful enough system to emulate a SuperCPU. The full-sized system might be. However, it is unlikely that there will be an official SCPU firmware upgrade or update as Retro Games Limited will probably not want to pay to licence it.

That's disappointing but good to have some closure on the matter I suppose!