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I purchased this game and downloaded the win vice version on my win10

I tried several exe files and it doesn’t work at I miss something?

Very nice game, very reminiscent of Hawkeye. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:08:24. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

Hi, Is there a demo version ?

Hmm... no, only the trailer.

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the only outrage here is that this actually  got released 30 years later. this game is bad imho & should have stayed dead. 0/10 and asking money for this is a big joke. we had enough of this cr@p in the 80s.


"He is more suited to games like TinyQuest." 

Your comment is joke ? Did you play Mayhem in Monsterland or Sam`s Journey on C64 ?


Ya, I don't think that is fair at all...I have my gripes about the game(having physical copies and spending quite a lot on cart and disk copies), principally that I fall through the edge of platforms. Which for a platformer is very irritating. To say the game and even the 64 itself should be reserved for mini-games/binned is absurd. Some of the best RPGs, platformers and arcades are made for the 64 even to this day! Even more, Turrican 1 & 2 were released on the 64 and they are iconic classics! If the falling through the  edge of platforms issue was addressed I think this is a stellar game on Turrican's level. Otherwise, you could adjust your gameplay to account for this bizarre "Philadelphia Experiment" mechanic. Maybe I'll patch my sprites? I knew I got the disk version for a reason...

good game and hard levels ....reminds me a lot of hawkeye - Great work Guys !

is it possible to save progress in this game?

Nice graphics, good music. It is also a very tough Shoot Em Up platform game, but it is an enjoyable blast for me.

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Just ran it on my 84' NTSC breadbin with SD2IEC & fastload reloaded cart. Works great!


Is it compatible with TheC64(mini)?

Yes, it works ;)


Thank you! I will buy it then :) 

I'm sorry, but only disk version works.

Are you planning to release an update to make the crt version work too?


CRT version works on VICE 3.1, not on 2.4,

You have to convert first in BIN format and then in CRT Ocean one. Use Cartconv from VICE 3.1 archive.


It works. Thank you very much!!! ;)


You are welcome

Unfortunatelly the game is crashing very often on my c64mini..

Try new updated version release yesterday.


Purchased the game in digital download, really great game !
CRT file seems doesn't work. Tested on Vice 2.4.

Should work with Vice 3.1+

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Ok, I converted it in a format compatible with old VICE.

Many thanks for this great C64 release !